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Currently a Senior a Central Washington University obtaining a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have a passion for vehicles and everything that is related to them. I currently have two Toyotas. One is an offroad vehicle in which my senior project, the disc brake conversion, is going on. The other is a 4Runner were a performance engine is being designed and has a custom exhuast manifold that was engineered for optimal horsepower. 

Current projects that have been completed are four different sets of disc brake brackets to see which material and thickness is the optimal design for the test vehicle that is being used through out the senior project. In the past a custom from winch bumper was designed for the Toyota test truck where the winch is removable from the front of the vehicle to save weight on the nose and the 3/16 in. plate material is 10 lb lighter than the previous tube bumper. 



Everything that is designed, engineered or produced is done with the thought of would I be proud to associate my name with this part and would I put it on my own vehicle. 

Toyota Disk Brake Conversion


The current project in the making is a disk brake conversion for the 1985-1995 Toyota mini truck and 4runners. The brackets have been designed for optimal weight to strength properties.

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